A Herd Of Rabbits Part 2: RabbitMQ Data Pipelines

2020 Mar31

abbitMQ is a powerful message borker allowing engineers to implement complex messaging topologies with relative ease. At the day job we used RabbitMQ as the backbone of our real time data infrastructure. In the previous post we setup a simple PostgreSQL trigger to send change capture messages to a RabbitMQ exchange. Conceptually, this is where we left off:

In this early stage, we basically have a fire-hose that we can selectively tap into. But we have no way to control the flow of data.

To recap a bit before we get too deep, we had a simple and manual way of handling real time operations. Effectively, we just baked all of the logic in the specific application code path.

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A Herd Of Rabbits Part 1: Postgres Change Capture

2020 Mar27

ostgres is no longer "just a database." It has become a data integration and distribution platform. It has hooks for integrating custom data types, data formats, remote data store integration, remote index support, a rich extension ecosystem, cascading logical replication facilities. It is practically an application server. A proverbial swiss army knife to say the least.

At the day job, we use postgres as the primary database. As communication platform (chat) we do a good deal of real-time whiz-bangery. Being that we are an early stage start-up, we try to follow the keep it simple, stupid (k.i.s.s.) approach. Do the simplest thing possible until it isn't simple anymore.  The simple approach to real time was a

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